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  • Britt Myers

How Avalon Action Alliance Connects Veterans and First Responders with Life-Changing Care

As we recognize Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Month, it's essential to highlight the remarkable work of Mission Roll Call's nonprofit coalition partners dedicated to supporting veterans and their families.

One impactful organization is the Avalon Action Alliance. Avalon is focused on changing how our healthcare system cares for those who have served. Through an alliance of partners, Avalon connects veterans with life-changing care and eliminates barriers to access, including geographical and financial obstacles.

Avalon's comprehensive approach is vital in transforming lives. Trauma affects every aspect of an individual's life, and each person's experience is unique. Avalon's integrated care model addresses the mind, body, and spirit; ensuring holistic healing while providing personalized support. Recognizing that trauma impacts the entire family unit, Avalon includes family members in the healing process. This inclusive approach strengthens family bonds and promotes collective well-being.

Avalon Action Alliance concentrates on four key areas to assist veterans and their families dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-traumatic Stress, and Substance Abuse:

Avalon Actions Alliance concentrates on four key areas.
  1. Brain Health Services: Avalon provides access to various brain health services through an alliance with seven TBI Medical Centers, 11 Posttraumatic Growth Programs, and two Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. These programs help individuals learn skills to overcome post-traumatic stress, substance abuse challenges, and persistent symptoms from traumatic brain injury.

  2. Physical Health and Wellness: Avalon believes there’s a direct link between physical and mental well-being and has developed programs to promote physical health, fitness, and nutritional counseling.

  3. Integrative Therapies: Avalon integrates various therapies, such as equine horse therapy, art therapy and mindfulness practices to provide unique ways for veterans to process their experiences and find healing.

  4. Community Building: Avalon's alliance of partners fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support among veterans and their families. Veterans challenged with PTS-related symptoms are often isolated, and care is typically limited to symptom-suppressing medication. Avalon's posttraumatic growth programs offer an alternative solution to life-long medication. Their care is based on the science of posttraumatic growth. Non-clinical training is provided by staff who have also served, creating long-term peer networks that veterans can leverage for sustained support.

Community connection is a priority. Building a supportive community helps veterans and their families feel understood and valued. Avalon's community initiatives reduce isolation and create lasting connections. Avalon’s approach is changing lives and creating better days. 

"Change doesn't happen overnight," said Mike, a U.S. Army veteran and Posttraumatic Growth Warrior PATHH participant. "I'm a work in progress. I've repaired my family, and I'm repairing myself. I don't guarantee many things in life, but I can guarantee that Avalon's posttraumatic growth program will change you."

By raising awareness and supporting comprehensive care initiatives, we can contribute to the healing and recovery of veterans and their families. Avalon Action Alliance exemplifies the dedication and compassion needed to address the needs of our veteran community while making a tangible difference in the lives of those who have served.

As we honor Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Month, let's commit to supporting the invaluable work of Avalon Action Alliance and similar organizations. Together, we can ensure our veterans receive the care and resources they deserve.

If you or someone you know is a veteran (or first responder) in need of support for invisible wounds like Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-traumatic Stress, and Substance Abuse, please visit Avalon Action Alliance at to learn more about its care model.

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