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Hey everyone, Cole Lyle here with Mission Roll Call. Quick update on our work in March. We conducted outreach trips Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, and Missouri, where we spoke to Congressional representatives, highlighted multiple organizations on the front lines in the fight against veteran suicide, and profiled several veterans who told us their story.

As you may or may not know, they’re currently debating the issue of toxic exposures after 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, where an estimated 3.5 million service members were exposed to burn pits or other toxic substances. Research to prove connections to specifics illnesses is inherently difficult. But meanwhile, many veterans are experiencing debilitating sickness and disease.

MRC did a poll asking if you’d like to see Congress pass a healthcare-only proposal pass immediately or wait on a larger compromise package including disability compensation that may not be voted on this year. Over 70% of the 5k of you who responded said healthcare immediately.

We took this information direct to the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees, who are using our results in the ongoing debate. MRC anticipates testifying to one or both committees on this poll later this month.

Mission Roll Call is doing all this work on your behalf. All that we ask is that you spread the words to your fellow veterans, friends, and family. Engage with us on social media and encourage others to sign up for our text and email polls.

The only way we can continue our work is with your help.

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