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Military Times: 73% of vets have negative view of Afghanistan withdrawal, poll shows

This article originally appeared on the Military Times

In a national poll, 73 percent of veterans said that the Afghanistan withdrawal negatively impacted the way they perceive the Global War on Terror.

Mission Roll Call, a veteran service organization that seeks to capture diverse perspectives of veterans and elevate their needs through policy advocacy, polled roughly 5,500 veterans about the pullout from Afghanistan.

“We wanted to get a sense of how the community still felt about it, because we traveled across the country, through high veteran population areas, gross and per capita, and we were still getting very visceral responses when we would start talking about Afghanistan,” Executive Director of Mission Roll Call Cole Lyle told Military Times.

The chaos of the withdrawal isn’t the only source of frustration, however. More than a year out, 83 percent of those polled said they were dissatisfied with the lack of accountability from senior civilian and military officials in how they handled the withdrawal.

As such, the organization supports an investigation into the withdrawal, which was recently announced by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“I think we need questions about how the intelligence community engages an ally, or a foreign adversary’s will to fight,” Lyle noted. “I think we saw estimations that Kabul, and the country, would hold up longer than it did.”

Lyle also said that there is a need for policymakers to be more transparent, adding that the military community deserves answers from both civilian and military leaders about what happened in Afghanistan during August 2021.

“The community is still just so angry about it. It’s a very raw subject for people who deployed to Afghanistan themselves,” Lyle said. “You’ve had men and women that spent more time in five years in one of those two countries, or both, than they did stateside.”

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John Burchardt (For Congress)
John Burchardt (For Congress)
17 mars 2023

After WWII, our military has been forced to do a job that they cannot win. History tells us that Imperialism is a bad thing, but recent history illustrates the only way to win is to maintain total control of the country they're protecting. The idea of "Fighting them over there is better than fighting them over here" is complete BS. If a country want's our military protection, the country should be willing to become a US Territory as a result.

The country of Afghanistan reportedly has a very large quantity of natural resources and yet our government allowed the Afghan government to sign a mining deal with China. WHY? Instead of pulling out, we should have stayed forever with …

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