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Mission Roll Call Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer Jim Whaley

Whaley joins the nonpartisan veterans organization to propel its movement providing a unified voice for veterans

CHARLOTTE, NC, September 27, 2023 – Mission Roll Call (MRC) announced today its new CEO Jim Whaley. Mission Roll Call is the first of its kind: a nonpartisan movement to give every single veteran a voice in policy and advocacy on the issues that are important to them.

Whaley brings decades of leadership experience to the organization. With 20 years of service in the U.S. Army as a Master Army Aviator, U.S. Army Helicopter Instructor Pilot, and as the director of communications at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He also has led the Corporate Communication function for Siemens and Sealed Air Corporation. He also served as the President for the United Service Organizations, Inc. in the Southeast Region.

“We are facing a recruitment crisis among our armed forces that is connected to failed veteran administration policies and lower quality of life for our nation’s defenders. This has caused a national security issue, said Jim Whaley. “We are making a roll call to our nation’s veterans and their families and supporters to have their voice heard. The time is now for a renewed effort. Mission Roll Call equips, trains and supports our veterans and families to live a better life. It is an honor to apply my skills toward such a noble cause.”

Whaley’s military and leadership experience will allow him to drive MRC’s mission of providing a unified voice for veterans and further establish the organization as a leader in veteran advocacy. Nearly half of all veterans in the US are unaffiliated with any veteran service organization. This expansion is in part made possible by generous donations from The Marcus Foundation.

“With only one percent of the population having served in the armed forces, the American public is unlikely to know and understand the unique needs of those who ensure our freedoms,” continued Whaley. “Partnerships with organizations like The Marcus Foundation fortify MRC’s ability to be the nation’s premier voice of the veteran by providing an apolitical state of the art platform that will transform how Americans understand our over 16 million veterans.”

Founded in 2019, MRC has helped thousands of veterans by advocating for policies that eliminate the stigma behind veteran suicide. By amplifying the voices of veterans in its network from all over the country, MRC advocates for policy change to improve the quality of life for veterans.

For more information about Mission Roll Call, including upcoming events, and to sign up to be a part of its community, visit

About MRC

Mission Roll Call (MRC) provides a unified voice for veterans that is heard by U.S. lawmakers and leaders. MRC is a movement that gives every veteran a voice on the issues that are most important to them. It is a community where veterans and their families share stories, voice concerns, and present solutions for their benefit. Learn more at or @missionrollcall.

About The Marcus Foundation

Founded in 1989, The Marcus Foundation focuses on fulfilling the vision of Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the foundation has five key areas of philanthropy: medical and research; children, with an emphasis on education; Jewish causes; free enterprise, including veteran issues and national security; and local community - all impacting and saving lives through entrepreneurial philanthropy. The Foundation’s giving harnesses Bernie’s personal life experiences and awareness, and his success as an entrepreneur enables him to give back.

Press Contact

Margeaux Van Horn

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