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MRC: ONE TAKE - Do You Use The VA?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Joel Herrera, a Marine Corps veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, discusses why he does not currently use the VA. He goes on to say he would like to, but needs to be more informed. Joel is not alone, as less than 50% of American veterans do not currently use the VA.

Join Mission Roll Call and become a part of the conversation. MISSION ROLL CALL is a nonpartisan movement providing veterans a powerful, unified voice that is heard by our nation's leaders and communities. Our top 3 priorities are: ending veteran suicide, access to healthcare and benefits, and advocating for underserved veteran populations.


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3 commentaires

Carl Brian Neely
Carl Brian Neely
04 sept. 2023

Hi. My name is Carl Neely and I served in the U. S. Army as an Apache Attack Helicopter Crew chief/Mechanic. I got into some trouble with civilian police in Dallas, Tx. (My Perm. Duty Station was Ft. Hood, Tx.).So, my 3 year Tour of Duty was cut short and I was given a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions after only serving 1 year and 3 months(15 I applied to V. A. for some medical help and they informed me that because I only served 15 mos. they can't help me with nothing at all, cause I had to serve at least 18 months to get ANY benefits at all! Now I'm 55 years old, I'm homeless, staying in…


29 mai 2022

I have been battling it out with the VA for going on 15 years now. Ever since I got out of the service it has been more of an uphill fight than anything. It constantly changes and I'm not sure anyone has a total grip of it. I think that is part of it. Lot of smoke and mirrors. I have multiple issues that are undiagnosed. Such as being struck by lightning and stomach issues, on top of crippling back pain and ptsd. What I can do is extremely limited and has really put a strain on my life as a whole. The doctors say one thing, but it is run by lawyers and politicians. The Red Tape is ridiculous…


28 mai 2022

Why don't I use the VA?

At one short time in my life after I left the service I became unemployed and needed healthcare for my mental and physical well being. Upon first entering the VA system uninsured in Detroit back in approximately year 2002, I was greeted with nothing less than substandard care, but worst of all was how the VA providers purposely made me feel ashamed for needing no cost government assistance. Statements were made by the VA providers to actually belittle me for asking for help. One provider ignored me by turning his back and literally walking out of the room as I was voicing a lack of benefit from previously inadequate and outdated treatment methods. Another…

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