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What is Mission Roll Call?

The voice of the American veteran is a powerful force for change.

It took an Oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies. It found confidence after the first promotion and leading for the first time. It was forged and went hoarse giving commands. It yelled out on objective downrange and cheered after fallout at a welcome home ceremony. It spoke the sacred words to a Gold Star Family and fell silent at Taps graveside. The voice of the American veteran must no longer remain silent or be alone. The veteran voice is one of the most valuable voices in our Country. It’s time to stand and be counted.

Mission Roll Call® is a nonpartisan movement providing veterans with a powerful, unified voice that is heard by our nation’s leaders and communities.

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Mission Roll Call is a program of America’s Warrior Partnership. America’s Warrior Partnership is a nationally recognized nonprofit with a Platinum GuideStar Seal of Transparency.

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Mission Roll Call is a nonpartisan organization. Any elected official seen on this website or Mission Roll Call social media does not equal an endorsement from Mission Roll Call.