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A Recap of Mission Roll Call's Impactful Week in D.C.

Last week’s trip to D.C. was a resounding success in many ways for Mission Roll Call. Our testimony introduced us to many other Veteran Support Organizations, and it garnered recognition by those in elected positions and their staffs who are making policies on veterans affairs. Our voices are being heard.


All of you, our members, had a part to play in that success. Your opinions matter, and together we can be a force for good.


We met with many members of Congressional and Senate staff, all of whom sit on committees that influence policies on veterans. We also made personal connections with leaders of veterans support not-for-profits. These meetings help build important relationships with our nation’s elected officials. We are building relationships that help us amplify the messages that we hear from veterans, their families and supporters.  


Like I said in my testimony, our strength is in our numbers. Our voice is being amplified over many social media platforms. With your help, we will continue to grow. Encourage your fellow veterans, friends and family to join Mission Roll Call.


If you would like to see the testimony before Congress, a video is embedded below. Please let us know your thoughts. How can we serve you better? 


Thank you.

Jim Whaley

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